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Words and Word Origins
When you are learning languages,what do you think is the most interesting?One of the most interesting of all studies is the study of words and word origins.
Each language is_________(51)of several earlier languages and the words of a language can sometimes be traced__________(52)through two or three different languages to their origins.Again a word from one language may pass into other languages and___________(53)a new meaning.
The word"etiquette,"which is__________(54)French origin and originally meant a label(标志),or a sign,passed into Spanish and kept its original meaning. So in Spanish the word"etiquette" today is used to _________(55) the small tags(标签)which a store __________(56) to a suit,a dress or a bottle.The word"etiquette"in French, _________(57), gradually developed a different meaning. It________(58)became the custom to write directions on small cards, or "etiquette",as to how visitors should dress themselves and act during an important ceremony at the royal court.________(59)the word"etiquette"began to indicate a system of correct manners for people to follow. With this meaning,the word passed into English.
Consider the word"breakfast"."To fast"is to go for some period of time without________ (60).Thus in the morning after many hours during the night without food,one_________(61)one's fast.
Consider the everyday English_________(62) "Goodbye".Many many years ago,people would say to each _________(63)on parting "God be with you".As this was ________(64)over and over millions of times,it gradually became________(65)to "Goodbye".

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A解析:be composed of'“由······组成”,固定搭配。这句话是说,每种语言都是由几种早期语言组成的。
trace back“追溯”,固定搭配。这句话是说,语言词汇的起源有时可以追溯到两到三种不同的语言。
of可用于be动词后,表示某人或某事物具有的特点或特性。例如,Both world wars were of unquestionable importance as economic events.两次世界大战都是重要性无可置疑的经济事件。
later“后来”。这里的意思是,它后来变成把指导写在小卡片上的习俗。A 选项late表示“晚的”,B选项lately表示“近来”,D选项latest表示“最近的,最新的”。
expression“表达”。“再见”这里是一种表达。A选项“陈述,观点”、C选项 “谚语”、D选项“对话”都不符合原文意思。
each other“彼此”,固定搭配。这句话是说,人们在分别时对彼此说。
retold“重复说”,retell的被动形式。A选项的意思是“复制,重现,繁殖”, B选项的意思是“修订”, C选项的意思是“回顾,审查,复习”。
shorten"缩短”。这句话的意思是,被重复说了上百万次后,逐渐缩短成了 "Goodbye”。


More About Alzheimer' s Disease
Scientists have developed skin tests that may be used in the future to identify people with Alzheimer's
disease and may ultimately allow physicians to predict who is at risk of getting this neurological
The only current means of diagnosing the disease in a living patient is a long and expensive series of
tests that eliminate every other cause of dementia.
"Since Alois Alzheimer described the disease nearly a century ago,people have been trying to find a
way to accurately diagnose it in its early stages,"said Patricia Grady,acting director of the National Institute
of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Bethesda,Maryland."This discovery,if confirmed,could prove a big
step forward in our efforts to deal with and understand the disease."
Alzheimer's is the single greatest cause of mental deterioration in older people,affecting between 2.5
million and 4 million people in the United States alone.The devastating disorder gradually destroys memory and
the ability to function,and eventually causes death. There is currently no known treatment for the disease.
Researchers discovered that the skin cells of Alzheimer's patients have defects that interfere with their
ability to regulate the flow of potassium in and out of the cells.The fact that the cell defects are present in the
skin suggests that Alzheimer's results from physiological changes throughout the body,and that dementia may
be the first noticeable effect of these changes as the defects affect the cells in the brain,scientists said.
The flow of potassium is especially critical in cells responsible for memory formation.The scientists also
found two other defects that affect the cells' supply of calcium,another critical element.
One test developed by researches calls for growing skin cells in a laboratory culture and then testing
them with an electrical detector to determine if the microscopic tunnels that govern the flow of potassium are
open.Open potassium channels create a unique electrical signature.
A spokesman for the Alzheimer's Association said that if the validity of the diagnostic test can be
proven it would be an important development,but he cautioned that other promising tests for Alzheimer's
have been disappointing.
The newly developed skin tests may be used in the future to allow doctors to________.
A:cure those with Alzheimer's disease
B:discover the cause of Alzheimer's disease
C:predict who might get Alzheimer's disease
D:find the consequences of Alzheimer's disease
Parkinson's Disease
1 Parkinson's disease affects the way you move.It happens when there is a problem with certain nerve
cells in the brain. Normally , these nerve cells make an important chemical called dopamine(多巴胺). Dopa-
mine sends signals to the part of your brain that controls movement.It lets your muscles move smoothly and
do what you want them to do.When you have Parkinson's,these nerve cells break down.Then you no longer
have enough dopamine,and you have trouble moving the way you want to.
2 No one knows for sure what makes these nerve cells break down.But scientists are doing a lot of re-
search to look for the answer. They are studying many possible causes,including aging and poisons in the en-
vironment.Abnormal genes seem to lead to Parkinson's disease in some people.But so far,there is not enough
proof to show that it is always inherited.
3 Tremor(颤抖)may be the first symptom you notice.It is one of the most common signs of the
disease,although not everyone has it.Tremor often starts in just one arm or leg or only on one side of the
body.It may be worse when you are awake but not moving the affected arm or leg. It may get better when you
move the limb or when you are asleep.In time,Parkinson's affects muscles all through your body,so it can
lead to problems like trouble swallowing or constipation(便秘).In the later stages of the disease , a person
with Parkinson's may have a fixed or blank expression,trouble speaking,and other problems.Some people
also have a decrease in mental skills.
4 At this time,there is no cure for Parkinson's disease.But there are several types of medicines that
can control the symptoms and make the disease easier to live with.You may not even need treatment if your
symptoms are mild.Your doctor may wait to prescribe medicines until your symptoms start to get in the way of
your daily life.Your doctor will adjust your medicines as your symptoms get worse.You may need to take
several medicines to get the best results.
Paragraph 2__________
A:Means of Diagnosis of the Disease
B:Tips for Patients With the Disease
C:Common Treatment for the Disease
D:Definition of Parkinson's Disease
E:Possible Causes of the Disease
F: Typical Symptoms of the Disease
The Case of the Disappearing Fingerprints
One useful anti-cancer drug can effectively erase the whorls and other characteristic marks that give people their distinctive fingerprints. Losing______(51)could become troublesome. A case released online in a letter by Annals of Oncology indicates how big a______(52)of losing fingerprints is.
Eng-Huat Tan,a Singapore-based medical doctor describes a 62-year old man who has used capecitabine to______(53)his nasopharyngeal cancer. After three years on the______(54),the patient decided to visit U.S. relatives last December. But he was stopped by U.S. customs officials______(55)4 hours after entering the country when those officials couldn't get fingerprints from the man.There were no distinctive swirly______(56)appearing from his in-dex finger.
U.S.customs has been fingerprinting incoming foreign visitors for years,Tan says.Their in-dex fingers are______(57)and screened against digital files of the fingerprints of bad guys-terrorists and potential criminals that our federal guardians have been tasked with keeping mit of the country. Unfortunately,for the Singaporean travelers,one potential______(58)effect of his drug treatment is a smoothing of the tissue on the finger pads.______(59),no finger- pnnts.
"It is uncertain when fingerprint loss will______(60)to take place in patients who are taking capecitabine,"Tan points out. So he cautions any physicians who______(61)the drug to provide their patients with a doctor's note pointing out that their medicine may cause fingerprints to disappear.
Eventually,the Singapore traveler made it into the United States.I guess the name on his passport didn't raise any red flags.But he's also now got the explanatory doctor's note-and won't leave home______(62)it.
By the way,maybe the Food and Drug Administration,______(63)approved use of the drug 11 years ago,should consider______(64)its list of side effects associated with this medi-cine.The current list does note that patients may experience vomiting,stomach pain and some other side effects.But no where______(65)it mention the potential for loss of fingerprints.
A:. digits
B: marks
C: images
D: pictures
Research shows we make up our minds about people through unspoken communication within seven seconds of meeting them. Consciously or unconsciously,we show our true feelings with our eyes,faces,bodies and attitudes,causing a chain of reactions,ranging from comfort to fear.
Think about some of your most unforgettable meetings:an introduction to your future spouse,a job interview,an encounter with a stranger. Focus on the first seven seconds.What did you feel and think?How did you"read"the other person?How do you think he read you?
You are the message.For 25 years I've worked with thousands who want to be successful.I've helped them make persuasive presentations,answer unfriendly questions,communicate more effectively.The secret has always been you are the message.Others will want to be with you and help you if you use your good qualities.They include:physical appearance,energy,rate of speech, pitch and tone of voice,gestures,expression through the eyes,and the ability to hold the interest of others.Others form an impressiont about you based on these.
Think of times when you know you made a good impression.What made you successful?You were committed to what you were talking about and so absorbed in the moment you lost all self-con-sciousness.
Many books advise you to stride into a room and impress others with your qualities.They instruct you to greet them with"power handshakes"and tell you to fix your eyes on the other person. If you follow all this advice,you'll drive everyone crazy一including yourself.
The trick is to be consistent at your best.The most effective people never change from one situation to another. They're the same whether they're having a conversation,addressing their garden club or being interviewed for a job.They communicate with their whole being;the tones of their voices and their gestures match their words.
Physical appearance is the most important quality which may help us to communicate with others。
C:Not mentioned
Intelligence一a Changed View
1.Intelligence was believed to be a fixed entity,some faculty of the mind that we all possess and which determines in some way the extent of our achievements.its value therefore,was as a predictor of children's future learning.If they differed markedly in their ability to learn complex tasks, then it was clearly necessary to educate them differently and the need for different types of school and even different ability groups within school was obvious.Intelligence tests could be used for streaming children according to ability at an early age,and at 11 these tests were superior to measures of attainment for selecting children for different types of secondary education.
2.Today,we are beginning to think differently. In the last few years,research has thrown doubt on the view that innate intelligence can ever be measured and on the very nature of intelligence itself. There is considerable evidence now which shows the great influence of environment both on achievement and intelligence.Children with poor home backgrounds not only do less well in their school work and intelligence tests but their performance tends to deteriorate gradually compared with that of their more fortunate classmates.
3.There are evidences that support the view that we have to distinguish between genetic intelligence and observed intelligence.Any deficiency in the appropriate genes will restrict development no matter how stimulating the environment. We cannot observe and measure innate intelligence,whereas we can observe and measure the effects of the interaction of whatever is inherited with whatever stimulation has been received from the environment. Researches have been investigating what happens in this interaction.
4.Two major findings have emerged from these researches.Firstly,the greater part of the development of observed intelligence occurs in the earliest years of life.It is estimated that 50 percent of measurable intelligence at age 17 is already predictable by the age of four. Secondly,the most important factors in the environment are language and psychological aspects of the parent-child relationship.Much of the difference in measured intelligence between "privileged" and "disadvantaged" children may be due to the latter's lack of appropriate verbal stimulation and the poverty of their perceptual experiences.
5.These research findings have led to a revision in our understanding of the nature of intelligence.Instead of it being some largely inherited fixed power of the mind,we now see it as a set of development skills with which a person copes with any environment. These skills have to be learned and,indeed,one of them is learning how to learn.
6.The modern ideas concerning the nature of intelligence are bound to have some effect on our school system. In one respect a change is already occurring. With the move toward comprehensive education and the development of unstreamed classes,fewer children will be given the label "low IQ"which must inevitably condemn a child in his own,if not society's eyes. The idea that we can teach children to be intelligent in the same way that we can teach them reading or arithmetic is accepted by more and more people.
It was once believed_________,and thus we can tell how successful he/she will be in the future according to his/her intelligence.
A:born to be more intelligent or less intelligent
B:have a better chance to develop his intelligence
C:taught to be more intelligent
D:that intelligence was something a baby was born with
E:and because of the lack of communication with his classmates
F: and partly has to do with a child's living environment
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